23 September, 2009

Advanced RMA for GP is here!

The Advanced RMA (aRMA) Add-on for Dynamics GP will help you to maximize the value of the investment you made in your Dynamics GP solution in a number of ways. This add-on is particularly well suited for manufacturers/distributors and equipment rental companies but has a place in any solution that leverages the Dynamics GP RMA module to service customers. aRMA extends the Dynamics GP RMA Module to accomplish the following goals:

1. Allow lines on a single RMA originating from many SOP Invoices.
     a. Tie the credit amount on each line back to the originating SOP Invoice.
     b. Reduce the number of RMAs issued to customers and that they have to manage.
2. Allow users to Append RMA Lines from varied SOP Invoices to Existing RMAs.
3. Streamline RMA Entry to improve customer service levels.
4. Eliminate waste and redundancy in the RMA entry process.


The Advanced RMA Entry Addon is installed by loading the AdvancedRMA.dll in the GP\Addins directory on each Dynamics GP Client. That's it! One file on each workstation.  The .dll contains the logic to complete the one-time server install. So, you don't have to run any SQL scripts, create any SQL Logins, etc. All you have to do is log into GP as 'sa' and after selecting "Advanced RMA Entry" from the Additional Menu in RMA Entry Update when prompted with ...

... say "Yes". This will load the one table (DYNAMICS.dbo.mjRegistration) required for this addon. This table tracks registration information only. Otherwise, the add-on leverages Dynamics GP security, standard database objects, and standard business logic for processing.

User Instructions

1. From the "Additional" menu in RMA Entry/Update select "Advanced RMA Entry".

2. In Advanced RMA Entry, enter values into the filter fields; CustomerID, From Item Number, To Item Number, From Date (Invoice Document Date), and To Date (Invoice Document Date).

3. Click "Apply Filter" to display the list of SOP Invoice lines that meet the criteria you've entered. Any Serialized Lines that are already in inventory or on unreceived RMAs will automatically be filtered out of the results.

4. Now, you can sort the results set in the grid then Mark the SOP Line(s) that the customer wants to return.

5. The RMA Qty will default to the Invoice Qty but can be edited for each line.

6. If a line had been previously partially or fully returned the user will be notified accordingly.

7. When the window is opened the RMA Type, Office ID, and Return Site ID are all populated from the RMA Setup Defaults. Before creating the new RMA you can modify those default values, select a Reason Code, and enter a Customer PO Number if necessary.

8. Finally, click "Create RMA" to create a new RMA using the RMA Interface values and SOP Lines selected in Advanced RMA Entry.

9. You will notice that you can drill back to the RMA in RMA Entry/Update from the RMA Number hyperlink. The RMA can be edited, lines added or removed, etc. in the RMA Entry/Update using standard Dynamics GP functionality.

10. After creating a new RMA, additional SOP Lines can be appended to it. Notice that the "Create RMA" label has changed to "Append RMA" and the Customer ID and RMA Interface Fields have all been locked. Modify the other filter options or re-sort the list of SOP Invoices then select additional lines to append to the RMA.

11. Drill back to the RMA again to see the new lines that were selected, modify the RMA as necessary, and even enter additional lines that didn't originate from a SOP Invoice.

It's very simple and efficient!

aRMA was built using the Visual Studio Toolkit for GP. I'll gladly share it with you if you want to try it out. Just e-mail your request to MichaelJ2@gmail.com.


Mariano Gomez said...


I would certainly like to receive a copy mgomezb@bellsouth.net. Good job bud! See you at the Tech Conference. I would sure like to exchange a few words with you.

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC

Janakiram M.P. said...


That's a great tool to have.