23 August, 2010

Disallow adding Serial Numbers on the fly when fulfilling Orders in Dynamics GP

If you want to prevent users from adding new Serial Numbers on the fly when fulfilling Sales Documents in Dynamics GP try this:
  1. Add the Sales Serial Number Entry window to VBA
  2. On the Window_BeforeModalDialog event paste in this code:
If PromptString = "Do you want to add this serial number?" Then
    Answer = dcButton2
    MsgBox "You must select a serial number from the list of available serial numbers."
End If

Now, when a user attempts to add a serial number on the fly when fulfilling a Sales Document they will be presented with a message instructing them to pick one from the list instead.


Christopher said...

Awesome! Will this work on GP versions 10 or is this for 2010 only?

MichaelJ2 said...

I'm still flooded with GP 10 work so I haven't even tested this on GP 2010 yet.

So, to answer your question; Yes it will work on GP 10. That is the version on which it was built and tested. I haven't tested it on GP2010 yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Works like a charm on GP 2010.