03 April, 2011

Microsoft Responds with Excellent Customer Service

I discovered a problem in the way Dynamics GP Evergreen Contract Lines calculated revenue when 1) billing annually and 2) entering a quantity > 1 on the Contract Line.  Quite simply, it just didn't calculate the Total Amount on the Contact Line or the Invoice Amounts accurately.  This client is running GP 2010.

This was discovered late in the implementation finally being logged as a bug by Microsoft Support just days before data conversion was to be completed for the cutover to production.  Yikes!!  I was in quite a pinch without a good Plan B just days before go live.  After discussing the situation with the Microsoft Field Service Development team they mobilized to produce a fix for this problem in just over 24 hours.  Great response!

They really saved the day to ensure a smooth go live and successful Field Service Series implementation for my client.  A hotfix for this problem is forthcoming from Microsoft.  If you find yourself struggling with this issue when working with Evergreen Contracts in Dynamics GP Contract Administration shoot me a message and I'll help you get by in the meantime.

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