Advanced RMA Entry

Straight Arrow Consulting, Inc. has made Advanced RMA Entry R2 available for download and evaluation. You can download a fact sheet with the most current functional overview along with the AdvancedRMA.dll file that you will need to install and evaluate the product.

The Advanced RMA (aRMA) Add-on for Dynamics GP will help you to maximize the value of the investment you made in your Dynamics GP solution in a number of ways. This add-on is particularly well suited for manufacturers/distributors and equipment rental companies but has a place in any solution that leverages the Dynamics GP RMA module to service customers. aRMA extends the Dynamics GP RMA Module to accomplish the following goals:

1. Allow lines on a single RMA originating from many SOP Invoices.
2. Allow users to append RMA Lines from varied SOP Invoices to Existing RMAs.
3. Streamline RMA Entry to improve customer service levels & satisfaction.
4. Eliminate waste and redundancy in the RMA Entry & Management processes.

I published a brief article about Advanced RMA Entry when we first start working on this product late last year. Since, we have released the product and are working to make it more widely available. All feedback, recommendations, requests, and inquiries are welcome.